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An eLearning database
portal of the UAS-Cologne

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edb - eLearning Datenbank Portal


An eLearning database portal of the UAS-Cologne

Our online portal EDB has a new design and new integrated features! You can find MC test, SQL trainer and some other interactive tools consolidated with uniform user administration and chat functionality! Join in! For use of edb a user authentication setup is required. The Intention of this web application is to support students and readers, who wants to deal with data bases. Read more...


In order to be able to use the web application you have to register first and login with your user name and your password. You can register here: register, if you still not have a user identification. Please enter a valid e-mail address. The user name and the e-mail address have to be clear in the database.


We thank all supporters of our project edb and for this we provided a partnership side. Partnership

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